Vruksh Constructions & Interiors Private Limited

Vruksh Constructions & Interiors Private Limited Vruksh is a professionally managed construction company started by a team of young engineers with a vision to provide customers with quality construction services. Our purpose is to give our customer value for every single rupee they spend on their dream house.
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Vruksh is a professionally managed construction company started by a team of young engineers with a vision to provide customers with quality construction services. Our purpose is to give our customer value for every single rupee they spend on their dream house.

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Dear Friend's,

We are a team of young entrepreneurs with a vision to grow organically over a period of 3 years in the field of construction and interiors across southern Karnataka.

We are a company who intend to grow and sustain as a organization with a systematic approach towards all projects and we stick to doing basics brilliantly

Our core area of focus in any type of project are as mentioned below,

In the order of priority they are listed below,

1. Safety of the structure

2. Space optimization

3.Economics of the projects

4. Elevations ie Look and Feel.

As a start up construction firm in Mysore we are now open to evaluate any strategic long term partnership or LLP with any like minded business associates from across India or globally from any part of the world who share a common vision and goal of creating sustainable living spaces which can bring a change in the end users life over the life time of the building.

We strongly believe in doing business ethically, professionally and socially responsibly so that we grow steadily over a period of 3 years and create a niche category of business and conquer the market with value for money products and services.

Construction as a field has got tremendous opportunities across India for investing on land, buildings, buying and selling of spaces, design consultancy in architectural and structural fields, construction materials outlets, commercial, residential and corporate interiors works, modular furniture factory etc

If any individual, company, entity, firm, organization, single investor or a group of investors can contact us for further more details.

Kindly contact us at 9620333164 or 9008990164 or email us vrukshmys@gmail.com.

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Challenges in the promotion of sustainable products/services - Prakashan B.V

One of the most difficult challenges we face when selling sustainable products and services is the complexity of sustainability itself. We come up with lab trials and invent a new product or technology useful for the society in terms of these aspects. But The next stage of propagating(finding people who will readily come forward to take the benefits of these products and services) it is often more difficult than the innovation itself! Making it possible to experience others the intangible value of these products and services is not an easy task.

"No stream rises higher than its source. What ever man might build could never express or reflect more than he was. He could record neither more nor less than he had learned of life when the buildings were built."
The issue is taking things forward.Is promotion of sustainable products & services a different ball game?

So Green buildings methods, Innovative methods for low-cost construction( with less natural resources utilization), Energy efficient methods , Automation of the otherwise labor-intensive construction methodologies, Harnessing the technological development for the development of the society(Not just the industry!) ..........and all such involving #sustainability and #gogreen initiatives are challenging areas where it takes a lot of efforts to convince the cost benefit ratio keeping in view of the long term and short term benefits and other interests!

"The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it"
In these cases a lot of emphasis is needed to be done on the parameters such as specification and other distinct advantages of the products/services right from the beginning. A technically skilled marketing professional would do a good job to take things forward appropriately in this case.In the case of services and solutions a lot more need to be done to make sure that every aspect of (whatever) measurable tangible benefits are considered as in services/solutions it is often (again!) a bit difficult to distinguish the "tangible" and intangible" aspects (and a lot of convincing might be needed many a times!)

Appropriate technical presentation is another most important aspect. This is the critical point where you get only one single opportunity to make a good impression to the targeted audience(would be customers, decision makers and all that). Put all your strength into it and come out successfully.

While dealing with general products where the price, value addition or even after sales may be taken into focus points for decision but that is seldom the case with these technical products and services which are unique and innovative in nature.The first and foremost aspect in all such would be to gain the technical acceptability and this is where the technical skill coupled with the appropriate understanding of the market dynamics would matter.You may like to read my earlier post on this .."Delivering a high impact technical presentation"

Whether it is product or services one aspect remains very unique!.Whatever would have been the USP's for you wouldn't last very long.Over a period of time the nature and type of the market would have changed, the requirement would have undergone some changes and even several other external forces would have changed forcing you to upgrade.So it also calls in for a lot of corrective measures so that a longer life cycle is achieved.

What would be the #bestadvice?
Research well to come out with something meaningful so that you don't have to struggle to sell your products though you still need to market it wisely. Observe and take decisions appropriately .Because we need to sell on the merit of it first in this particular case. Every situation involving customers would be different and so the appropriate #sales strategy would depend a lot on the natural ability, gut feelings and the skills of the concerned techno-commercial professional for taking things forward irrespective of adverse conditions!

We have a tendency to get into a comfort zone by accepting only time-tested techniques. A lot could change if we have a better interaction between institutions of higher learning and industries such that lab tests are soon extended to field trials and later into real life practical applications...........................

Have had the chance to deal with such products, services and solutions?Please share your views/experiences etc., ?
Thanks for reading.....If you have enjoyed reading this please consider sharing it with your contacts..You may also follow me on twitter ...@BVPRGJ

Suggested reading: Is Going Green Profitable? and "Green Marketing Presentation to Tufts University" from the link
Click Here
....(All images from google images and other similar online sources .Thanks for those who shared it. ).

Disclaimer& Info: Views expressed are purely my personal opinions and not any way related to organizations of which I am part of as a Consultant now (Also not of those I worked earlier with)..Any issues with any or all content used in this post, should be directed to the author...(geoandinnovativeconstructions@gmail.com). I like to support technology useful for society and available to support organizations to grow globally in the most ethical manner.#A member of Publishers & Bloggers and Blogpoets.com. Please use the above email ID for any communication/getting connected.

Looking forward to associate with more such organizations in these areas..#Sustainability, Green Buildings, New methods in construction, Coastal Protection, River training, Hazardous waste containment to save earth...Consider reading this...."We need to use #Sustainable technologies to protect our earth...by clicking on this link.(Originally Posted by me on LinkedIn on 23/06/15)

All about marketing of construction products, services and solutions

"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did"

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Eco Friendly House - Design Ideas

Use recyclable materials steel and upvc avoid wood.

Use solar water heaters.

Off-Grid tied solar inverters - These can reduce your electricity bill a lot. In Off-Grid you use the power generated internally works out cheaper, in Grid you sell the power to BESCOM costly but has return on investment.
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Charge your UPS with solar panel so that it reduces your electricity bill.

Rain water harvesting.

Eco friendly paints. Water based instead of oil based, Low Volatile Organic Content (VOC)

Use tinted glass that reflect heat which reduce the air condition costs.

Use LED lights that last longer.

Use a single water heater for the entire house, you will have to wait for a few mins to take a bath but you will save on electricity.

Use AC is smaller room and avoid it in bigger bedrooms.

Provision electricity charging points for electric cars.

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